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Accounting Tasks

Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts

Directors of limited companies must submit annual accounts and the corporation tax return to Companies House and HMRC generally within nine months of the end of their financial year. This is a complex process requiring professional expertise and specialist systems. It’s rare for either to be found outside recognised accounting firms.

Accuracy is key. It is illegal to knowingly submit inaccurate accounts as they can affect how much corporation tax your business pays. Banks, investors and other external parties will also evaluate your business’s accounts if they are considering lending to, investing in or partnering with your business.

Your business can be fined for filing inaccurate information or missing the deadline for filing its annual accounts.


Keeping your accounts compliant each year

Our, fully qualified and experienced accountants will work with you to get your accounts ready in good time. As well as keeping you compliant, early submission can also improve your company’s credit scoring, especially if yours is a new business.

Then, once ready and signed off, we’ll submit your accounts and corporation tax to Companies House and HMRC in the correct format using our sophisticated accounting technology.

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