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Start Ups

The start-up stage of a company is both exciting and hectic. Putting your business plan into action, making arrangements with suppliers and customers and defining peoples’ roles are all big priorities.

So too are your accounting considerations. Are you going to operate as a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company? If it’s the latter, will you issue shares? Are you ready for all the accounting and regulatory requirements?

An unhappy fact about start-ups is that too many of them fail in their first year – not because their business idea isn’t viable but because they simply run out of money.


Startup Accountants

That’s why, when you choose Prestigious Finance Services as your accounting partner, who are expert accountants for startups, we’ll keep a close eye on your accounting needs and cash flow, and also help you explore all your funding and investment possibilities. We’ll ensure you’re properly registered with HMRC and Companies House with the right legal structure for your business. We can also provide an interim finance director or chief finance officer to help you through the critical early weeks and months of your start-up.

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